Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 15, 2006

Day 24
Saturday, July 15, 2006
Fiumicino to Civitavecchia, Italy

Well, we are on board the Grand Princess in our cabin on the Lido deck L212.  It is an inside cabin but we don’t mind.  It has a king-size bed and lots of mirrors so the room looks bigger than it is.  We were able to relax before dinner and get everything unpacked.  It’s good to have a home base for 12 days.  Mike even found time to get a little sun in.

Our dinner companions are from Cape Cod.  They are a family (Portuguese heritage):  daughter Brenda and her parents Bob and Lorraine.  I think we’ll enjoy each other's company.  We had quite a few laughs listening to Lorraine’s gambling stories.

We went to the evening entertainment.  We recognized the MC as the same one from our Mexico cruise, as well as the ship captain.

After Pat’s manicure at 10PM, we turned in for the night.

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