Monday, June 26, 2006

July 30, 2006

Day 39
Sunday, July 30, 2006
Munich / Ramstein, Germany

We catch the train from Munich to Kaiserslautern with a transfer in Mannheim.  We’re getting pretty good at train travel in Europe.  We’re learning a lot and are learning how to read the schedules and charts.

We are at the Ramstein passenger terminal waiting to see if we can catch the flight tonight from Ramstein AB to Dover AFB.  We have been so lucky by catching the first flight out on June 23rd from Dover to Ramstein; and the return flight on July 30th from Ramstein back to Dover.  Both trips were on C-5s, the largest plane in the world.  You have to wear earplugs because the engines are so loud.  Even the earplugs block out only about half of the noise.  Our return flight is 9 hours and I made the mistake of giving my seat up next to Mike to a lady who was very nervous and wanted to sit next to her friend.  The problem was that the seat I took was next to the door and I didn’t realize that cold air blew in on me during the whole flight.  I was so cold especially my feet.  I couldn’t get comfortable and didn’t get much sleep.  Oh well, lesson learned.

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