Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 6, 2006

Day 15
Thursday, July 06, 2006
Garmisch, Germany

Coach house & biergarten (Brixen, Italy)
Today is our first organized tour.  So far, we’ve done everything on our own but decided to take a tour into northern Italy from southern Germany.

Our bus leaves Garmisch and travels through the Bavarian Alps (Germany), Innsbruck and Brenner Pass (Austria), into the Sudtirol region of northern Italy.  We stop in Brixen, Italy to tour one of the most famous Bishops Cathedrals (St. Michaels) in southern Tryrol.  It is beautiful inside.  The pipe organ has over 3,000 pipes!

After leaving Brixen, we travel to Vipiteno, Italy to tour the Reifenstein Castle.  There is actually a countess who still lives on the grounds.  It is a medieval castle and we enjoy our tour and the information our German tour guide (Mrs. Sharp) gives us, including the dungeon.

After having lunch in Vipiteno at Burgfrieden Restaurant, we head back to Garmisch.

Scenes from Brixen, Italy

Outdoor market
Outdoor cafe
Children at play (don't you love her outfit!)

Piazza in Brixen, Italy

Scenes from Vipiteno, Italy
Looking up at Reifenstein Castle
Original fortress wall of castle


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