Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 8, 2006

Day 17
Saturday, July 8, 2006
Garmisch, Germany to Bolzano, Italy

Ambitious hikers along road in Alps
Driving from Garmisch (Germany) to Bolzano (Italy), our route went straight through the Alps.  On the German/Austrian side, the weather was cold and raining.  It was a difficult drive and Mike couldn’t look away from the road at all.  As we were descending the Alps into Italy, the weather changed into blue skies and sunshine but the road was still very winding and treacherous.  We were glad to finally be on level ground as we left the Alps behind and drove into the Dolomite region of Bolzano, Italy.

We found our hotel, Stadt Hotel Citta, which was right in the center of the piazza.  Our room was on the top floor which gave us a great view.  We had dinner at our hotel’s outdoor cafĂ© where we could people-watch. 

In spite of our long and tiring drive (which was only 120 miles), we made a point to visit the museum, which was within walking distance of our hotel, to see Otzi, the Iceman.  Otzi was found in 1991 by hikers who thought it was probably an unfortunate hiker frozen to death high up in the mountains of Timmeljoch.  After years of extensive study, it’s been determined that Otzi is a primitive man about 5300 years old.  He was found frozen in ice and perfectly preserved, clothing and all.

Tomorrow, we’ll check out and travel to the Cinque Terra.

Driving through the Alps into Italy

Steep road through Alps!
Our hotel (Stadt Hotel Citta)

Piazza outside our hotel

Scenes from Bolzano, Italy

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